If You’re a Business Coach, Experts, Author, or Speaker with Multiple Offers Who Is Looking to Increase Your Monthly Recurring Revenue in 2023…

We’ll Monetize & Scale

Your Audience for You —

Without Ongoing Retainer Fees

“That’s right. We won’t charge you an ongoing retainer fee for finding new sales and growing your brand. Instead, we’ll partner with you, sharing the revenue from the new customers we bring you.”

“Stop struggling to scale your business. Let us take care of all the hard work of sales & marketing for you… freeing you up to deliver top-tier service to your clients — both existing and new!”

Dear Friend,

If you want to as much as double (even triple) the sales of your coaching brand… without battling through the hassle of capturing new leads… getting them on your email list… running new sales campaigns… and then scaling with paid ads… without paying an arm and a leg in perpetual retainer fees like those “other agencies” demand… then this letter can show you how.

(Spoiler Alert: We can do it all for you.)

(Spoiler Alert:

We can do it all for you.)

  • Fractional CMO & RevOps Growth Strategist helping business coaches, experts, authors, and speakers with Done-For-You Performance-Based Marketing Solutions to scale your audience growth and increase new sales of your programs.
  • Persuasion Copywriter & Marketing Strategist helping business coaches, experts, authors, and speakers with data-driven campaigns to monetize your social audiences and build your email list with raving fans & long-term customers.
Jake Rutledge
Fractional CMO & RevOps Growth Strategist helping business coaches, experts, authors, and speakers with Done-For-You Performance-Based Marketing Solutions to scale your audience growth and increase new sales of your programs.
Ricky Ketchum
Persuasion Copywriter & Marketing Strategist helping business coaches, experts, authors, and speakers with data-driven campaigns to monetize your social audiences and build your email list with raving fans & long-term customers.

Okay, here’s the deal:

As a couple of big ol’ marketing nerds with over a decade of combined growth marketing experience… we’ve watched some of the excruciating challenges business coaches, experts, authors, and speakers faced when it came to expanding their brands.

And despite their sincere desire to help their clients, they still wrestled with the grueling tasks of selling and marketing their business.

Here’s what we mean:

First we’d see them labor to promote their offers.

Although they crafted great offers, they could only make sales if they got more eyeballs onto their offers… which takes a tremendous amount of time and energy (especially if they lacked good marketing training).

But it doesn’t stop there.

The time and energy spent marketing their offers sucked them away from their true passion: helping others improve.

And so… sales and marketing became a creative energy vampire… leaving them depleted and drained.

Yet it often got worse…

How much worse?

Well because they loathed doing the sales side of business (they just wanted to help people, not hunt for them) they’d do the bare minimum to grab a few new clients… and then… turn off the marketing pipeline.

Leading to feast or famine.

Which kept them in limbo…

Never knowing when or where their next meal client would come from.

Of course, that then results in low recurring revenue.

The dream of escaping the grind of the 9-5 got replaced with the agony of uncertain monthly income… How could they build an ideal life when their paychecks were so uncertain?

But they’re problem solvers.

So they set out to fix this on their own.

Which led to a new problem

The tech platforms available to them were complex and confusing!

So now, in addition to spending their precious time hunting for new prospects… hopping on sales calls to maybe close a client… and delivering results for those clients… they had to cram in learning and using all this new tech!

They needed to outsource all these frustrations.

And some of them did…

They hired a marketing agency for thousands — even tens of thousands — of dollars in monthly retainers to “do marketing” for them.

And you know what they got for spending all their hard-earned cash?

Empty promises

and shoddy service.

See, most run-of-the-mill marketing agencies are charlatans.

They’ll manipulate you with their super-hyped sales pages… flashy case studies… and glowing testimonials… all while making grandiose promises to “skyrocket your sales!!!”

Meanwhile you’re left wondering to yourself…

Can They Actually Make

Me More Sales?

The scary answer?

You don’t know.

What’s more terrifying is they don’t know either.

Which is why they work on continuous retainers… and not… results-based rev-shares.

To make matters worse, often you don’t even get to work with the experts who run the agency.

No, they’re too busy to talk to you…

They’re off fleecing more monthly contracts from other businesses who want them to “do marketing.”

Instead, you get to work with the junior staff… what we call the “marketing cubs.”


We Take a Different Approach…

A Better Approach

Once we saw all the struggles that good coaches, experts, authors, and speakers go through to grow their business… and all the vile “business practices” that those other marketing agencies do… we knew we had to be different.


Because you — and your business — deserve…

Marketing That Converts Prospects into Followers,

Followers into Fans, and

Fans into Long-Term Customers.

And thus… we offer you the solution of results-based sales & marketing.

Meaning you pay us for the results we deliver — i.e., new sales and clients — rather than an ongoing retainer.

Instead, we share a bit of the new revenue we bring you.

A business partnership.

And… apart from occasionally interacting with an assistant (who helps keep us organized)… you’ll always work with us… Jake & Ricky… the experts.

Not marketing cubs.

Now… you might be wondering “what exactly can you do for me?”

Here’s Our

Increased Conversions Strategy (ICS) Framework:

  • Improve Your Brand Strategy:
    We’ll build a strong foundation for marketing your brand with our proprietary “Connected Insights Analysis” system. This unique market research will:
    • Refine your messaging
    • Enhance your existing offers
    • Position you for the best growth
    • Give you a competitive advantage
    • Even help you develop new offers that resonate with your target audience
  • Swift Tech Optimization:
    We’ll create and run a new tech ecosystem to bring you faster sales, grow your audience, optimize your funnels & automations, and fill your email list with raving fans & long-term customers.

    You can keep your current system… we’ll simply bring new clients for you inside our tech.
  • Monetize Your Online Traffic:
    We do this in two ways:

    1) Organic Traffic - Helping monetize your current social audiences from LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and/or Twitter using our “Social Selling Engine” system…


    2) Paid Ads - Leveraging our AI & ML powered “S.M.A.R.T. Scaling” system to optimize and grow your paid ads for maximum returns.
  • Close Sales for You:
    We’ll find qualified leads for your offers. Then we’ll close them using our “Zoomless Closing” system so you can stop worrying about hopping on time-consuming sales calls.

    Yes… it even works to close high-ticket sales. In fact, we’ve seen it work to close a $50,000 offer.
  • Easy Email Marketing:
    Email lists are the highest return on investment marketing strategy… period.

    We’ll build the email funnels for you, engage your list, and produce emails designed to create enthusiastic customers eager to buy your offers.

Why Do We

Take This Approach?


1. Better brand strategies build a stronger foundation for long-term growth. And the cornerstone of this growth is the relationship with your audience… forming stronger connections and creating better long-term customers.

2. Better tech leads to fewer headaches. So, we build out new tech systems that we already know & masterfully understand… making it simple for you to focus on fulfilling your dreams of helping clients.

3. Optimized growth marketing now requires expert work. The online market has evolved beyond the jack-of-all-trades worker. Because of this shift, we focus on the major channels we already know… giving you ease of mind.

4. If we do all the sales & marketing, you can focus on fulfilling for your clients. Let us be the marketing nerds and leave all the tedious work in our capable hands… granting you more freedom with your time and energy.

5. Unlike social media, email lists are owned assets. Social media can cancel your business for nearly any reason they want. We’ve seen a guy running a business through Facebook with 12 million followers get shut down in a day!

Email lists protect your business… so you can be confident in your brand’s growth.

What our partners say. ❤️
  • Jessica Reiling
    CMO/Sales Development
    “Jake has an innate ability to move fast and not overcomplicate directives. He has a practical approach to process, a knack for creative thinking, and a great relationship with common sense and productivity.”
  • Virginia Otte
    Social Media Director
    “Jake & Ricky have an amazing eye for results-driven growth strategy. Their creative insights and copywriting guided the omnichannel approach I was looking for. Any company looking to grow their brand is lucky to work with them.”
  • Jennifer Hicks
    Marketing Strategist/Sr. Copywriter
    “Jake’s an idea machine, informed by data and analytics that allows him to generate demand and scalability. His superb ability to see the big picture and create processes to grow is one of his greatest strengths… Ricky produced flawless copy… He’s great at using active voice and creating enthusiasm without hype to drive conversions.”
  • Mary Ambrose
    Operations Consultant
    "Instantly, Jake & Ricky proved to be irreplaceable assets to the company, and I continue to network with them still to this day... They made sure that our marketing was optimized to achieve our goals. Their many talents included being able to find solutions that were not only impactful but also cost-effective."

Case Study:

How We Helped an 8-Figure Business

Add Over $10.3 Million

In New Revenue…

In 5 Months.

Back in the fall of 2021, Jake assembled a team to work on a marketing project inside the ridiculously red-taped healthcare industry (sorry, we can’t disclose any more details than that).

When we started, they’d already done $15.1 million that year. So our strategies added 68% in new revenue.

…The same Increased Conversion Strategies we’ll do for you.

Now… let’s zoom in a bit more:

For Brand A, we focused Phase 1 on fixing their message-to-market fit. Resulting in a 610% increase in reach and engagement from their target audience.

Phase 2 & 3 were focused on paid ads growth.

Phase 2 results: 1,033.34% Return On Ad Spend (ROAS).

Phase 3 results (after cutting ad spend by about 20%): 1,395.11% ROAS.

Not only did we make more by spending less (because our ICS had continued to optimize its market targeting)... but… we also hit 5,200% reach and engagement overall.

There’s more:

For Brand B, we repeated the ICS process.

Phase 1 message-to-market optimization led to 3,900% overall reach and engagement.

Phase 2 results: 985.52% ROAS

Phase 3 results (after cutting ad spend by about 12%): 1,119.83% ROAS

And now — using the same data-driven ICS framework that proved to work inside 8-figure businesses — we want to…

Help You

Grow Your Business

in the Next 90 Days… and Beyond!

All right…

We’ve seen a lot of coaches try and take the do-it-yourself route for their marketing.

…Which is costly in both time invested and money spent.


The DIY approach takes a minimum of six months trial and error (though we’ve seen it take closer to one or two years). What’s more… it will cost you upwards of $40,000 for all the courses, tech, and paid ads.

Instead of burning over $40,000 and spending 180 days (or more) running your DIY marketing plan, you could…

Partner With Us for a $7,500 One-Time Starter Fee +

a Share of the Revenue for Each

New Sale We Bring You.

And in case you’re worried about that initial $7,500 one-time fee, we offer a 100% money-back guarantee on it.

Yes… if we don’t bring in double that one-time starter fee through new sales within the first 90 days of working with us, we’ll reimburse you for the whole fee. 100% money-back guarantee.

Of course, any future sales are paid on a revenue-sharing basis so you don’t have to pay us a recurring retainer for our work.

Now, our offer is not for everyone.

If you want to take the DIY route, then we don’t have much that can help you.

And if you want to micro-manage all our copy & campaigns, then we’re not suited for you either.

But… if you want to let a couple of certified, trained, results-driven, professional growth marketers monetize & scale your audience for you… then we might just be a fit.

If you’re ready to see if we’re a match made in business heaven, the next step is clicking the link below:


P.S. If you’ve still got some questions about us

or our offer, here are some helpful FAQs:

If you’re ready to get started on growing your business this year, then hit that handy little link below:

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