Get done-for-you:

2x Your Conversion Rates, Guaranteed

Customized Growth Strategies
Organic, Conversion Marketing Campaigns
Market Analysis
Limited spots available.
Because we save our best work for the top
3-7 clients per quarter.
Guaranteed to Double Your Conversion Rates
in Under 3 Months.

If you’re running a B2B coaching or consulting business, you’re pouring your blood, sweat, and tears into your work.

  • Posting content…
  • Hunting for new leads…
  • Booking your potential prospects…
  • Hopping on sales calls with a coin-flip chance of conversion…
  • And then working your gluteus assimus off to deliver the absolute best results so you can help your clients win… and win BIG!

While delivering those results is awesome… it makes the marketing of your business an added burden.

Business is tough enough without the increased weight of growth marketing demands.

Who has the time to gather all the data. Then sift through it to find the gold nuggets of market research. And then use the good data — while throwing out the bad — to create a plan for consistent growth?

And even if you’ve got all that squared away… do you have the free time for fulfilling that marketing plan?

What if we did all this for you?

  • Gathering all the relevant marketing data…
  • Creating a customized growth plan from that data…
  • Putting our certified marketing experts to work implementing that plan…

…So you can start outpacing your competition through organic growth marketing.

If that sounds like a relief to you, then keep reading.
  • Jake Rutledge
    Fractional CMO/RevOps Growth Strategist helping business coaches & consultants double their conversions through data-driven growth marketing strategies
  • Ricky Ketchum
    Certified Persuasion Copywriter & Marketing Strategist doubling conversions of business coaches & consultants with market-driven campaigns
Jake Rutledge
Fractional CMO/RevOps Growth Strategist helping business coaches & consultants double their conversions through data-driven growth marketing strategies
Ricky Ketchum
Certified Persuasion Copywriter & Marketing Strategist doubling conversions of business coaches & consultants with market-driven campaigns

Who are Increased Connections &

What Do They Do?

Increased Connections is a done-for-you Conversion Marketing agency.

We specialize in analyzing your particular market… creating a customized strategy for your organic marketing… and even fulfilling those organic-growth campaigns for you.

We’ve got over 10 years of combined growth marketing, performance marketing, and persuasive copywriting experience.

And we're laser-focused on finding the 20% of assets that drive 80% of your results.

Which boil down to these 6 simple strategies:

  1. Analyze - Identify the right data to help your brand find its message-to-market fit
  2. Strategize - Plan out the precise steps to take for increasing your organic conversions
  3. Optimize - Hone your buyers’ journey into its maximum form
  4. Connect - Apply proven persuasive writing strategies to build rapport with your audience
  5. Grow - Positioning your brand for organic growth by applying these data-driven strategies
  6. Innovate - Continuously improving your marketing strategy with up-to-date planning and fulfillment

How We Help

Businesses Grow

Back in the fall of 2021, Jake assembled a team to work on a marketing project in the red-taped healthcare industry. Even with those restrictions, our team leveraged the six strategies above to add..

Over $10.3 Million

in New Revenue…

in 5 Months

What was the business doing before?

A healthy $15.1 million. Which means that the strategies we used — the exact same strategies we want to use for your business — added 68% in new revenue!

Of course, those are the high-level numbers.

Let’s zoom in on the strategies and numbers:

For Brand A, we followed our growth framework:

Month one was a research and analysis phase. We took a look at their core social channels (Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram) and repositioned their marketing. Our focus was on fixing the message-to-market fit.

The research showed us exactly how to position them as an established authority in the marketplace.

The results after month 1?

A 610% (yes, over six hundred percent) increase in reach and engagement from our target audience.

(By the way, this reach and engagement number eventually became 5,200% overall)

In the following months, we focused on implementation and optimization. Once we identified a proven offer and market positioning, we optimized their paid ad strategy to generate a 1,033.34% Return On Ad Spend (ROAS).

The next month we dialed in the marketing, reduced our Ad Spend by about 20%, and hit 1,395.11% ROAS.

Yes… we made more by spending less!

Those numbers are indeed beyond any sort of typical return. Yet it shows the power of fixing foundational problems in your marketing strategy… and… how quickly real results can appear.

But what if this was just luck?

Could we follow the same strategy — and get similar results — for a different brand?

Let’s find out.

For Brand B, we followed our previous growth framework:

Once again, month one was research and analysis, taking the same approach from Brand A and applying it to Brand B. This let us drive high-converting traffic toward a desired outcome.

The results?

3,900% overall reach and engagement increase from our target audience.

For months two and three, we followed the same process: optimizing their paid ad strategy to generate 985.52% ROAS in month two. And then improving our marketing yet reducing Ad Spend by about 12% to generate 1,119.83% ROAS in month three.

Again, making more by spending less.

Seeing a similar 10x ROAS across two different brands catapulted our excitement. It meant we had a solid system for delivering great results for any type of client.

More important: it meant we helped our clients make more money, fast!

We’re proud of the work we do for our clients.

And now — using the same data-driven marketing strategies that proved to work inside 8-figure businesses — we want to…

Help You

Grow Your Business


Here’s How:

We do the work to increase your conversions — thus making you more money — without taking up more time and energy.

All it takes is a few calls to let us get started… some bi-weekly reports for you to read… and about 1 hour of your time per month.

That’s it.

We’ll do the market analysis, run the campaigns for you, and you’ll make more money.

When you work with us, we guarantee to double your organic conversion rates in under 90 days… or we’ll keep working for free until we do.

5 Big, Hairy,

Conversion Rate Optimization

Problems Solved

When it comes to online marketing, these same five problems creep up everywhere. We want to help you solve them… so your business can grow.

Big, Hairy Problem #1:
Incomplete Brand Positioning

Most businesses have a website, an occasional social media presence, and sometimes send out an email to their list.

The fast-pace of online marketing demands much more than that.

You now need audience analysis, competitor analysis, market gap analysis, consistent social media presence, and consistent email marketing (both automated and manual campaigns)... just to run with the pack.


How about we do all that for you?

When you work with us, you’ll get all that market analysis, a customized branding plan, and done-for-you execution of the marketing campaigns.

In short… you get complete brand positioning designed to increase your conversions.

Big, Hairy Problem #2:

Bad Customer Journey

The user experience (UX) is critical for turning new buyers into repeat customers.

We’ve seen bad UX’s turn away repeat sales, making it more and more expensive to run your business. While the UX includes your website and landing pages, it moves well beyond that. It goes into every part of your prospects' interaction with your offers.

We can help.

We’ll identify the issues (if you have them), create a plan for improving your customer journey, and then step in to fix the ones that have the largest impact. So you can make the most money.

And more:

We’ll analyze your competition to see how they’re marketing. Then create strategies for making you stand head-and-shoulders above them.

Admittedly, some fixes may be beyond the scope of what we can do, but even in those cases we’ll still give you a customized, easy-to-follow plan.

And for the problems that do fall under our scope of work? We’ll go ahead and take care of them for you.

You’ll get everything — and the only things — you need to optimize your customer journey.

Big, Hairy Problem #3:

Broad, Incomplete Marketing Strategies

Most businesses only have a broad plan for long-term growth and marketing.

Often they’re doing a ton of day-to-day execution and little research and data-based planning. Like laying down train tracks while the train is barreling right behind you.


Instead of struggling through that, you could be taking precise, customized, data-driven steps to improve your marketing. These steps will increase your connections, drive your conversions higher, and make you more sales.

We’ll find the exact, right plan for fast business growth.

And then we’ll step in and do it for you…

Giving you specific, complete marketing strategies.

Big, Hairy Problem #4:
Messaging that Fails to Connect & Sell

You’ve seen it before…

Writing an email that gets you excited about your offer. One you know will help your audience improve their lives… only for it to fall flat with few opens, fewer clicks, and no sales.

...Or social media posts with low impressions and abysmal responses.

When your messaging misses your market, it feels like you’re the worst failure in the world.

But that doesn’t have to be your story.

When you work with us, we become your ultimate digital strategy partner.

By researching your market, creating an email and social media plan, and executing it for you… your story can be a new one filled with high engagement and even higher conversions.

Get messaging that connects with your market… and… increases sales.

Big, Hairy Problem #5:
Lack of Ongoing Marketing Innovation

The digital marketing space is changing fast. What worked six months ago doesn’t work anymore.

And you can forget about what worked six years ago... that's ancient history.

Markets are getting smarter and competitors are innovating faster.

If you don’t stay current, you’ll be swept away in the river of change.

When you work with us, we’ll keep your marketing up-to-date with the latest in strategies, innovations, and fulfillment. We’ll find new markets to target, better ways to talk to them, and build your authority in the marketplace.

We’ll make certain you float on top of the river of ongoing marketing innovation.
What our partners say. ❤️
  • Jessica Reiling
    CMO/Sales Development
    “Jake has an innate ability to move fast and not overcomplicate directives. He has a practical approach to process, a knack for creative thinking, and a great relationship with common sense and productivity.”
  • Virginia Otte
    Social Media Director
    “Jake & Ricky have an amazing eye for results-driven growth strategy. Their creative insights and copywriting guided the omnichannel approach I was looking for. Any company looking to grow their brand is lucky to work with them.”
  • Jennifer Hicks
    Marketing Strategist/Sr. Copywriter
    “Jake’s an idea machine, informed by data and analytics that allows him to generate demand and scalability. His superb ability to see the big picture and create processes to grow is one of his greatest strengths… Ricky produced flawless copy… He’s great at using active voice and creating enthusiasm without hype to drive conversions.”
  • Mary Ambrose
    Operations Consultant
    "Instantly, Jake & Ricky proved to be irreplaceable assets to the company, and I continue to network with them still to this day... They made sure that our marketing was optimized to achieve our goals. Their many talents included being able to find solutions that were not only impactful but also cost-effective."

Why Increased Connections

Is a Different Kind of

Conversion Marketing Agency

Lots of other Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) agencies exist. Many bigger, using the same tools, canned strategies, and numerous team members. Sure, they can probably solve some of your problems.

And if you’re looking to work with one of the bigger, full-service CRO agencies, then we’re not the right fit for you.

We take a different approach.

We focus on identifying the 20% of assets driving 80% of results…

…The big rocks.

Most CRO agencies “optimize” your funnels by running endless tests. These tests fail to take into account:

  • Bad data…
  • Limited data…
  • Underdeveloped strategies (because of missing data)...
  • Lackluster offers…
  • Bad user experience…
  • Missing your target audience…

…All problems running deeper than testing can fix.

How are we different?

We dig deep into your business, laying a firm foundation designed to maximize your message-to-market fit.

Our research and analysis drive the strategy…

The strategy drives the copywriting and campaigns…

And those campaigns drive the increased growth in your business…

Big rock metrics.


Because we’re a small team, we only work with a handful of clients (about 3-7) and give them our very best work each quarter.

We don’t farm out our work to an inexperienced team of marketing cubs. We work directly with you, so whenever you’re talking to us… you’re talking to THE experts.

What You’ll

Pay For

We’re going to do something a little crazy in the high-ticket services space:

Share our main price point here, before you connect with us.

But first, there are a couple of little things we want you to know:

1. When You Work With Us, You Get Hand-Crafted Marketing Solutions

Sure, mass-producing offers at scale allow for lower-cost price points.

…But we’re not mass-producing our services to you. We respect you, your brand, and the hard work you put into your business waaaayyyy too much to give you generic, mass-produced results.

Instead, we handcraft and customize your marketing solutions.

Which means we work with fewer clients and charge higher premiums.

2. We Guarantee Our Work and Aim to Bring You a Positive Return-On-Investment

Unless your business is nearing the cliff’s edge of bankruptcy, we’re going to turn the money you spend with us into an investment with a positive return.

Even if we have to work for no extra charge later to do it.

So — if you're the right business fit — we guarantee a positive ROI.

Now… if you want us to step in and grow the conversions of your brand, then it starts with a day-one deposit of:


…and then two more identical deposits over the following 3 months.

We’ll get into more specific terms when we connect, but that gives you a starting price point to think about.

Here’s Our


We’ll double your organic conversion rates in under 90 days… or we’ll keep working with you at no extra charge until we do.

When you work with us, you’re going to get increased conversions.


How To

Get Started

To see if we’re a match made in business heaven… we’ve got a quick, 9-question survey for you to fill out. Should only take you about 5 minutes or so.

Just click on the button below and we’ll be in touch.
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